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Canadian Dealer: Firm

A dealer that is located in Canada, does not have an office or other physical presence in this state, and may effect transactions in securities on a limited basis.

Notice Filing Requirements

The Florida Division of Securities utilizes the Regulatory Enforcement and Licensing (REAL) System for the notice filing of Canadian dealers. This online system enables the Canadian dealers to submit their notice filing registration form and fees electronically. Additional filing requirements shall be submitted as prescribed in Section 517.12(17), Florida Statutes (F.S.), and Rule 69W-600.0015, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.). Paper filings received by the Office of Financial Regulation (OFR) will be returned to the notice filer with instructions for filing electronically.

To file through online services, click here.

Additional documents required to be uploaded to complete the filing:

  1. Evidence of a current registration as a dealer in the jurisdiction in which the dealer's main office is located; and
  2. Evidence of current membership in a self-regulatory organization or stock exchange in Canada.

Maintaining or Renewing Notice Filing

Amendment to the Form OFR-CAN:

If the information contained on the Form OFR-CAN becomes inaccurate for any reason, the notice filer shall file an amendment on the Form OFR-CAN correcting the information within 30 days.

All amendment filings shall be made through online services.


Notice of termination shall be filed on the Form OFR-CAN. Filings for termination shall be made through the REAL System of the OFR pursuant to Rules 69W-600.0015, F.A.C.

Annual Financial Statements

Canadian dealers are NOT required to file annual financial statements. Pursuant to Section 517.12(17) (g), F.S., a Canadian Dealer who has made a notice filing under this subsection shall provide the OFR, upon request, with its books and records relating to its business in the state of Florida as a dealer.

Renewal Fees

Renewal fees for Canadian dealers shall be paid electronically through the REAL System of the OFR. It is incumbent upon the notice filer, not the OFR, to ensure that the renewal payment is submitted timely. The renewal fee is $200 (USD) for each firm. Notice filers should refer to Section 517.12 (11), F.S., and Rule 69W-600.0015, F.A.C., for additional guidance.

Notice filings for Canadian dealers expire at the end of each calendar year and must be renewed timely for the notice filer to remain authorized to conduct business in, to or from Florida.


OFR-CAN Registration of Canadian Broker Dealer

Statutes and Rules

Notice filers are subject to the requirements found in Chapter 517, F.S., the Securities and Investor Protection Act, and the administrative rules, Sections 69W-100 through 69W-1000, F.A.C.

Disciplinary Guidelines: per 517.1611(1), F.S.