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The Division of Consumer Finance licenses and regulates non-depository financial service industries and individuals and conducts examinations and complaint investigations for licensed entities to determine compliance with Florida law. The division is organized into a Bureau of Registrations that licenses business and individuals, and a Bureau of Enforcement that conducts examinations of registered entities throughout the state and processes complaints.

An applicant for licensure may be asked to provide a Social Security Number, which is imperative for the Florida Office of Financial Regulation to perform its duties and responsibilities as prescribed by the statutes and rules listed below.

Collection Agencies:
Consumer Finance:
Loan Originators, Brokers and Lenders:
Money Services Businesses:
Retail Installment Sales:
Title Loan Companies:

Bureau of Registration: processes licenses to ensure that only individuals and businesses that meet the requirements in Florida law are allowed to conduct business in Florida.

Bureau of Enforcement: conducts examinations of licensees which conduct mortgage loan and lending activity, consumer and retail sales, title loans and debt collection.

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Who We Are

Meet the Division of Consumer Finance Management Team.

Statutes and Rules We Regulate

  • Chapter 494, Florida Statutes - Loan Originators and Mortgage Brokers
  • Chapter 516, Florida Statutes - Consumer Finance Act
  • Chapter 520, Florida Statutes - Retail Installment Sales
  • Chapter 537, Florida Statutes - Title Loan Companies
  • Chapter 559-Part V, Florida Statutes - Commercial Collection Practices
  • Chapter 559-Part VI, Florida Statutes - Consumer Collection Practices
  • Chapter 560, Florida Statutes - Money Services Businesses
  • Rule 69V-40, Florida Administrative Code - Mortgage Brokerage
  • Rule 69V-45, Florida Administrative Code - Title Loan Companies
  • Rule 69V-50, Florida Administrative Code - Motor Vehicles Sales Finance
  • Rule 69V-60, Florida Administrative Code - Retail Installment Sales
  • Rule 69V-70, Florida Administrative Code - Sales Finance
  • Rule 69V-80, Florida Administrative Code - Home Improvement Sales and Finance
  • Rule 69V-85, Florida Administrative Code - Retail Installments Sales Act - General Rules
  • Rule 69V-160, Florida Administrative Code - Florida Consumer Finance Act
  • Rule 69V-180, Florida Administrative Code - Collection Agencies
  • Rule 69V-560, Florida Administrative Code - Money Transmitters