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Fingerprint Card Fee Rule Change, Effective May 29, 2012

Attention All Securities Applicants

Rules 69W-600.002 and 69W-600.006, Florida Administrative Code, have been amended, reducing the non-refundable fingerprint card processing fee to $40.50. The reduction in the fee is a result of the reduction in processing fees required by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The rules will become effective on May 29, 2012; therefore, all Securities applications received before May 29, 2012 will still incur the fingerprint card processing fee of $43.25. Applications submitted on or after May 29, 2012 will be charged the new fingerprint card processing fee of $40.50. Please make the necessary arrangements to ensure that the appropriate payment is provided for any fingerprint cards submitted to the OFR during this transition period.

For amendments made to the Direct/Indirect Owners on Schedule A & B of the Form BD or ADV, please refer to the deficiency letter that was issued by the Office for the appropriate fee amount.